The Dogma Collection Archive, Ho Chi Minh City, August 17, 2010.

Earlier this month we organized the first in a series of reunions of war time propaganda artists at the archive rooms of the Dogma Collection.
Our primary intention with these events is to provide an opportunity for the artists to re kindle old acquaintances, and to view and discuss their war time poster art.
These encounters also provide an important opportunity to record direct eyewitness oral histories that the only artists themselves can uniquely provide. The significance of this research is invaluable in helping us to understand more about the extraordinary circumstances under which these artists were compelled to work and the social and historical resonance that is apparent in so much of the propaganda art that was created.
The intensity of the Vietnamese/ American war, its history, background, and the personnel accounts of the circumstances under which these artists strived to work, is a fascinating story that remains to be fully told.
Many of the original art works in the collection have also remained unseen by the artist themselves for decades, inaccessible through force of circumstance and other factors, often from the very time that they were originally painted.
The inaugural reunion was a moving and fascinating occasion that we are proud to have had the privilege to host.
Amongst those present, was the esteemed octogenarian women artist, Kimh Vinh, pictured following as she discusses a work she painted in 1965, whilst viewing for the first time for 46 years.

Kimh Vinh (in hat) discussing her propaganda art from the early 1960’s

Kimh Vinh and one of the oldest original posters in the collection that she created in 1960, with Dominic Scriven, founder of The Dogma Collection

Thanh Minh, creator of the above poster dated 1966 showing an ethnic tribesman keeping a lookout skywards, recounted his experience living and painting with the Thai people in the early years of the Vietnam /America war and during which he painted this singular work.

Thanh Minh in discussion with Kim Vinh and Dominic Scriven

Thanh Minh in the 1960’s with one of his posters

Hoang Trang, ,in White shirt at center discussing one of his works with companions from the war years.