Keep the peacful moon for our children - 1960

The poster above provides a splendid example of Vietnamese propaganda art at its most beautifully sentimental and kitsch best. It seems to possess an irresistible charm that is whimsical, while containing a surprisingly poignant spirit of childhood joy, perfectly enhanced by the magical crepuscular moonlit landscape in which children joyfully dance in a circle on the shore of Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi.

The name of the Lake translates to an Arthurian sounding 'lake of the rising sword'. The famous tortoise tower stands on an islet in the Lake; a soldier standing benignly on guard with two doves perched next to his shoulder, and an anti aircraft gun emplacement, complete this picture.

As in the work following, the theme of a soldier standing guard over children at play began to appear from the beginning of the 1960's, becoming more prevalent with each passing year.