Creator of the ‘Dogma Collection’

    Dominic Scriven is a British citizen, resident in Vietnam since the early 1990’s. Following two years at Hanoi University, he co-founded Dragon Capital, an investment group managing assets in excess of USD1billion.

    Dominic’s interest in art began on his arrival in Vietnam, driven by the early flowering of Vietnamese artistic expression that followed the country’s ‘Renovation’ process, which was centered around the way in which painters viewed themselves, through the prism of a rapidly changing world.

    It became apparent to Dominic that one key part of Vietnam’s cultural heritage – Propaganda Art – was being neglected in the focus on reform and modernization. This crystallized a desire to study, preserve, and share the remarkable character of Vietnam’s political, mobilizing art form; an art form combining revolution, resistance, thought leadership, and aesthetics.

    A number of years of effort have led to the creation of what is now known as the ‘Dogma Collection’.