Please safeguard peace for our children

With the unleashing of 'Operation Rolling Thunder', the situation for all Vietnamese, most especially the children, deteriorated into a seven year cauldron of fire and brimstone.

The nature of the posters with children alters dramatically with the start of the sustained bombing campaign, as childhoods and education were sacrificed in the cause of the survival of nationhood and when students were also called upon to participate directlly in the nation's struggle for indepedence. These difficult conditions endured long after the Liberation in April 1975, as Vietnam was compelled to undertake a new war to divest Cambodia of the infamous regime of Pol Pot. History records that this was an undertaking no other nation appeared willing to take on. As a result, Vietnam not only had to suffer international isolation due to America's ire at losing its War, but also had to endure prolonged trouble with China that had directly linked its support to Pol Pot.

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