Celebrate the 30th aniversary of moncaba barracks victory

This interesting image by the prominent Vietnamese propaganda artist, Pham Giang, was painted in 1983 to commemorate Fidel Castro's assault on the Moncaba Military Barracks, headquarters of the Batista military garrison in Cuba s south.

The attack failed with the attackers suffering heavy losses, though their sacrifice came to be marked as the beginning of the Cuban revolution and is celebrated as such. Castro was forced to flee to the mountains, but was captured and placed on trial.

During his trial, Castro defended himself by making his famous two hour speech in which he lambasted the corruption, poverty, and repression of the US supported Baptista regime, and famously predictied that history would absolve him.

Ironically, Fidel Castro himself escaped the death sentence thanks to the personal intervention of Catholic officials with Baptista himself.

Following the successful 1959 Revolution, the barracks became a museum and the transcript of Castro s speech in court is a revered revolutionary document even if somewhat edited post hoc by Castro himself.

The following two images portray the death by firing squad of Nguyen Van Troi, a Vietnamese electrical worker and Viet Cong (VC) activist. He was caught in 1964 while planning to assassinate Robert McNamara, the controversial US Secretary of Defence appointed by Kennedy, along with the US Ambassador in Saigon.
Nguyen Van Troi was sentenced at the tender age of 17 and was executed after having just turned 18 years of age. He became an authentic martyr to the cause as the first VC to be publicly put to death. He was defiant to the last and is said to have called out 'long live Vietnam' along with other pro Independence sentiments, as he was about to be shot.

The North championed his courage. and the name of Nguyen Van Troi is remembered nowadays with a school, a bridge, and the road upon which he planned to assassinate McNamara and the US Ambassador, all named after him. The road is Nguyen Van Troi Boulevard in Ho Chi Minh City. He is a Vietnamese hero who was also championed around the Communist world, especially in Cuba, at the time of Vietnam's struggle for independence.