Resist the us traitors - both buddhists and catholics are united as one

The above poster is of the Mahayanna Buddhist monk, Thich Quang Duc, in the act of self immolation on the 11 June 1963. His act was in protest over the suppression of Buddhists in South Vietnam by the Diem Catholic dominated regime. This non violent act of supreme sacrifice led to further violence directed against monks by some members of the ruling Catholic minority and the pillaging of pagodas throughout the South by the so-called security services.

The suicide rocked the world. It was a decisive moment and a contributing factor leading to a military coup within few months that culminated in the assassination of President Diem.

The banner being held aloft in the poster by the monks in the background reads: 'Down with the American Imperialists and their crooked sidekicks'. Diem was widely seen as a puppet of the US at the time.