Saigon students join the nation in a campaign of struggle to defeat the americans

In July 1964, there were violent protests on the streets of Saigon led by students from Saigon University. These were originally called to mark the tenth anniversary of the Geneva Accords and to protest against the failed promise by the Southern regime to hold national elections, which were supposed to have occurred in 1956.

With South Vietnam experiencing its 10th Government in only 20 months, there was widespread disgust at the general incompetence, rampant corruption, and uncontrolled nepotism that characterized each and every Southern administration. The violence spilled out of control from the Saigon University campus onto the streets and the students had to be suppressed by soldiers. The above image celebrated the courage of the unarmed student protesters, whose actions were widely noticed by the international diplomatic community to the alarm of the unstable Southern authorities of the time.