Bombs and bullets cannot kill a heroic people

It is said that a person caught in the open up to a kilometer distant from the impact of one of the illustrated bombs was knocked to the ground unconscious by the shock wave.

'We're going to bomb them back into the Stone Age'

US Air Force Chief of Staff, Curtis Le May

Over fifty percent of the many hundreds of billions of dollars that the Vietnam War cost the American tax payer was allocated for air operations.

"The US...has the most modern weapons such as phosphorous bombs, napalm supersonic aircraft bearing such terrifying names as Thunderchief , Phantom , Skyraider and strategic super fortress B52 s, which can drop thousands of tons of bombs in a single raid, etc. In order to exert pressure on our people s morale, they have threatened to use Power, power on land, power in the air, power wherever it is necessary, said Le Phong when writing in the Vietnamese periodical, Hoc Tap, 1966, and quoting LBJ.

The following works address the toll taken on women and children as a result of the so-called collateral damage caused by the intense bombing that was carried out over a seven year period.