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Many sections of the Ho Chi Minh Trail had existed for centuries prior to the WAR and were used as ancient pathways and gully trails that facilitated trade in the region.

The system had also been utilized during the war against French colonial control and had helped maintain north/south communications for the Viet Minh forces.

The area through which the various trails systems meandered was among the most rugged in Indochina. It was a sparsely-populated region of rugged mountains from 400 to 2,500 metres high and was covered by thick canopy jungle and dense primeval rainforests.

The poster below touches on the nature of the mountainous and forested regions through which much of the Ho Chi Minh Trail traversed. Often veterans referred to walking the Trail as a quite alien experience since many of the Northern soldiers were born on the plains, so to traverse such a landscape and experience the conditions they encountered was not a pleasant or familiar experience.