We will definitely defeat the american invaders

Our people have a great love for our country. It is our precious tradition. Throughout our history, whenever our fatherland was invaded, that spirit was aroused. - Ho Chi Minh

Our Country has given birth to innumerable heroes, of men who knew how to die for their land - Nguyen An Ninh

These guns cannot shoot by themselves, but instead require brave hearts and firm hands - Engels

The largest subject grouping in the Dogma Collection is devoted to the land war and the soldiers who fought it.

Along with mobilization came a specific call for men and women to take up arms to help reunite the country and free the South by driving out the foreigner occupiers and their lackeys.

The cherished heroic warrior tradition of Vietnamese resistance to foreign occupation over the ages, frequently coupled with the galvanizing victory of Dien Bien Phu, lent a compelling and viable sub context to much of the propaganda.

The subject of war is approached from a variety of standpoints: appeals for the support of ethnic minorities; for women to adopt and follow the three virtues; for all to maintain vigilance. Most of all there was a simple and direct appeal for courage and determination on the battlefield. Couched at its most succinct, the message literally became stamp the enemy into the ground and do so swiftly!

The soldier portrayed below was painted in 1962 and is one of the earlier works in the Collection. At the time, it was designed, there were already several thousand US and Australian military advisors in the South and a marshalling of martial sprit well underway in the North. The soldier wears the uniform of a NVA regular and we can see the barrel of a burp gun slung over his shoulder. The message, ready for duty, and the call to liberate the South, were the themes of the time and the certainty of war was in the air.