The fire of struggle is roaring

The above poster is a fine example of the originality of approach and freshness to be found in much of the Vietnamese propaganda art of the time, especially in contrast to the posters emanating from other Socialist countries of the era, in particular, China. This is partly because many of the Chinese posters were painted after the struggle for Communist unity, whereas those in Vietnam were painted during the times of struggle.

A Southern woman - once again note the checked scarf that came to distinguish Southern women in so many of the posters - gazes impassively at a fleeing Uncle Sam, dimly depicted as a figure crawling away on hands and knees. The NLF flag is flying across a golden sun burst. The text is a superb declaration of the spirit of the time.

Tricky Dicky

Nixon, the disgraced US President, was featured in several posters from the time he came into office in 1969 to the early Seventies. Nixon was as vilified in Vietnam in art as he was in song in the US, such as the one made famous by the anti war activist, Country Joe, from where his derogatory nickname 'Tricky Dicky' originated.