The well known mau than victory in 1968

The image above marks an action that took place in Saigon around the famous market of Ben Thanh, the profile of which is depicted in the background of the poster. This incident took place during the Tet Offensive in 1968.

Initially the Tet Offensive was considered as a major defeat for the communist forces; however, as time passed, the fact that such a strong attack could be launched in the heart of Saigon itself when the American public had been told the War was nearly won, caused huge damage to American prestige and pride. This proved to be an invaluable propaganda victory for the North and really marked the beginning of the end of sustained American involvement in Vietnam.

Walter Cronkite, the most respected and trusted national US TV news presenter of the 20th Century, famously commented that 'We are mired in stalemate' in consequence of a visit to Vietnam he made following the Tet Offensive, to appraise its impact and the general situation of continued US involvement in Vietnam.