Southern liberation - determined heroines are everywhere to kill the americans

When war comes, even the women have to fight.- An ancient Vietnamese saying.

The background of Vietnamese women at war is described in early historical records and has a long, proud, if tragic, tradition. Vietnamese women have taken up arms from the earliest times, and there are individual heroines whose names are legendary to the Vietnamese.

The most famed are the two Trung Sisters, who initially defeated and drove out the Chinese in 40-43 AD, only to be eventually defeated by an infinitely more numerous Chinese army. They committed suicide rather then suffer the ignobility of surrendering to the despised invader, thus setting an eternal example for all following aspirants looking to save national dignity and independence. Every city and most towns in Vietnam boast a street bearing the name of the revered Trung sisters.

Another great figure is Lady Trieu (249A.D.), a warrior of the Nanyue tribe who rose up against the Wu Chinese and whom some compare with Joan of Arc. This storied tradition of resistance to foreign rule was central to modern Vietnams struggle for independence and had great political potency which was employed by modern Vietnams anti-colonialist leaders and communist writers.