Le Lam with the playwright and Cai Luong Singer, Linh Huyen.

The immediate impression Le Lam gives is of a warm, sprightly, perceptive and ascetic man who belies his almost eighty years of age. He and his artist wife, Ngoc Lan, a 'Cheo' singer, were married in 1957 and they now reside in a studio apartment overlooking a lake in the Thanh Cong district of Hanoi.

Le Lam is widely considered to be Vietnam?s pre-eminent living artist, acclaimed for both his propaganda art and equally for the quite extraordinary range, volume, and quality of his battlefield and campaign illustrations. These works number in the thousands - the results of several decades in the 'field'.

Le Lam was officially selected as the first Vietnamese artist to go to Russia to study the propaganda art technique in 1958. He stayed until 1964, returning to his homeland brimming with ideas and with an enduring love for Botticelli and Renoir.