• In Vietnam, propaganda lives on

    An article from Channel News Asia, on propaganda art in Vietnam, with comments from Mr. Scriven, Owner of the Dogma Collection:

    "As recently as the 1990s, propaganda posters were the only advertisements and decoration on the streets, said Dominic Scriven, founder of investment group Dragon Capital and a collector of Vietnamese wartime propaganda.

    “They do not pack the ideological punch of their predecessors,” said Mr Scriven, who has more than a thousand original, hand-painted propaganda posters from the ‘60s and ‘70s in his collection.

    (photo by Nguyen Khuong Duy) [read more...]

  • For Immediate Release - A Revolutionary Spirit


    • A major exhibition of Vietnamese propaganda art with large scale reproductions of rarely seen original art works spannning the 1950's to the early 1980's

    • Audio visual installation of interview excerpts with surviving artists with English subtitles

    • Installation of enlargments of early and extremely rare art proofs of Vietnamese stamps

    This exhibition is the first even of its kind to the presented in the meseum.

    It provides a unique opportunity to experience the dynamic variety and compellung individually of original Vietnamese propaganda art.

    This art, created during decades of perpetual conflict, was inspired by the irrepressible spirit, and profound dedication of so many artists, in the cause of National Unification and Independence.

    Many of the works have rarely been seen since the roaming exhibitions of the 1960's and 70's, which were presented both in the North as well as the South. These were often even staged under forest canopies, or in hamlet clearings at considerable risk to the viewers and artists alike.

    We will be honoring a number of surviving artists who will be attending the opening by special invitation.


    Richard di San Marzano


    Cell: 090 2531 648 [read more...]

  • The Dogma Collection Of Vietnamese Propaganda Art Opens A New Gallery At The War Remnants Museum, HCMC. November 1, 2014.

    The Dogma Collection is delighted to announce the opening of a new gallery at the renowned War Remnants Museum in HCM City.
    The Dogma Collection, in association with the Vietnam Heritage Association, has been invited to showcase selected works from its extensive archive of original propaganda art works.
    [read more...]

  • We are very pleased to announce the opening of our online Vietnamese Propaganda art gallery - presenting spechial edition prints from the Dogma Collection -now available for purchase

    The Dogma Collection has produced a selection of Vietnamese propaganda posters from its archive of more than a thousand original art works, to create special edition art prints.

    Available in hand numbered open editions, many are reproduced for the very first time from original paintings and maquettes dating from the late 1950’s onwards.

    Created directly from the actual artwork, these high quality prints on canvas are virtually indistinguishable from the original, and are issued with individualized certificates of authentication.

    The Dogma Collection champions the as yet, still widely undiscovered variety and unique ‘voice’ found in so much Vietnamese Propaganda art. At its best this 'voice' transcends the genre and exists in its own right, as art. We are dedicated to its recognition as such, its long term conservation, and to providing the artists themselves, wherever possible, with the long overdue individual recognition they and their work merits. [read more...]

  • The Dogma Collection Conservation Project 2011/2012

    The Dogma Collection announces a significant and unprecedented conservation and consolidation project of original Vietnamese war era propaganda posters. [read more...]

  • Living legends of Propaganda Art in their studios

    The following photographs have been taken in the course of recent archive research interviews conducted with surviving propaganda artists from the two plus decades of war.

    The interviews are video taped and focus on the personnel background, and direct individual experiences of artists during the war.

    Many of these artists participated both in the conflict with the French as well as war with the US and her allies.

    They are mostly now in their eighties. Many still paint and one can view them in these images surrounded with recent or past works. [read more...]

  • The Dogma Collection at The National Museum of Fine Arts, Vietnam, September 2011.

    We are delighted to announce the opening of the exhibition’ Beyond the Mirror’ which presents The Dogma Collection of Self-Portraits and the Dogma Prize winning works is now on view at the National Museum of Fine Arts, Vietnam, in Hanoi which opened on September the 8th and runs till September the 27th

    The quality and variety of works seen together for the first time in the capitol has found favor amongst artists and critics and aroused general public interest and is now an event that is viewed as entirely new and positive initiative in the visual arts in Vietnam.
    We look forward to The Dogma Prize 2012, due to take place in the second half of the year with dates to be announced this November. [read more...]

  • Announcement of the Winner of The Dogma Prize 2011

    We are delighted announce the Hanoi based artist, Nguyen Van Cuong as winner of the inaugural Dogma Prize in Self-portraiture, 2011.

    Selected from an initial field of over 230 submissions, the 38 year old ,Nguyen Van Cuongs’s elegant and striking painting is a stand out amongst an exciting and varied group of 35 short listed finalist now on view at The Fine Arts Museum, HCMC until the end of July.

    We also extend our warmest congratulations to the six artists who received special recognition awards and do so in acknowledgment that there was little to separatethe final selections. [read more...]

  • Dogma Self-Portrait Exhibition opening July 12,2011

    The Dogma Collection of Self-Portraits " Beyond the Mirror," opens at the Fine Arts Museum, HCMC. July 12 and runs to to 30.2011. The eighty plus works on show include the shortlisted submissions and the winning work of the inaugural , Dogma Prize in Self-portriature. [read more...]

  • Announcement of Dogma Prize

    The Dogma Prize in Self Portraiture will be awarded to the art work judged as the most outstanding new self protrait of the competition finalists chosen to exhibit at the forthcoming exhibition, Vietnamese Self Portraits from the Dogma collection Exhibition, presented at the Fine Arts Museum, Ho Chi Minh City from July 12, 2011.

    The winner of the Dogma Prize will be announced on Tuesday, July 12, and the prize will be continued by the Collection on a biennal basis. [read more...]

  • Interview with Dominic Scriven on collecting Self Portraits

    If collecting for you, has to be more focused on satisfaction, try concentrating on a certain artist, style or theme. Dominic Scriven, another Saigon resident, began his collection of close to one hundred self-portraits by Vietnamese artists in 1994 and has continued to add to it ever since. He chose the self-portrait theme "because visual art was the most experimental art form in the early nineties and visual artists are among the most innovative (and left-alone)".

    Dominic continues, "It seemed most interesting to view the rapid changes that were going in Vietnam through the prism of the artists themselves. Many other themes recommend themselves for collecting, but I'm stuck on self-portraits for good". [read more...]

  • The Dogma Collection Announces Major New Acquisitions

    Ho Chi Minh City, March 1, 2011.
    The Dogma Collection announces several new acquisitions adding to the collection’s strength in depth and variety of rare and original Vietnamese propaganda and related art works from the period 1960 to 1975.
    The Shipyard Panorama by To Chiem is a work of impressive scale and composition that required several years to complete. The painting provides a fascinating window into the most intensive years of the war, effectively and effortlessly conveying the hustle and bustle of a shipyard functioning within sight of Hanoi’s iconic Thang Long bridge. [read more...]

  • The Dogma Collection at the National Gallery, Prague.

    An exhibition featuring select artist original poster works from The Dogma Collection opened at the National Gallery, Prague on December 13, 2010 and runs through January 30,2011.
    The event “Vietnamese Propaganda Art’ is staged at the initiative of the Eleutheria Foundation, an organization established by Augusto and Ottaviano Razetto.
    The exhibition presents some 160 works from the Eleutheria Foundation shown together with a curator’s selection of ‘artist originals’ from The Dogma Collection.
    The exhibition includes a continuous audio visual presentation of interviews with propaganda artists produced by The Dogma Collection as part of our archival research.
    The Eleutheria foundation has published a comprehensive catalogue in conjunction with the event featuring a forward by the popular Italian art critic, Victorio Scarbi. [read more...]

  • The Dogma Collection Archive, Ho Chi Minh City, August 17, 2010.

    Earlier this month we organized the first in a series of reunions of war time propaganda artists at the archive rooms of the Dogma Collection.
    Our primary intention with these events is to provide an opportunity for the artists to re kindle old acquaintances, and to view and discuss their war time poster art.
    These encounters also provide an important opportunity to record direct eyewitness oral histories that the only artists themselves can uniquely provide. The significance of this research is invaluable in helping us to understand more about the extraordinary circumstances under which these artists were compelled to work and the social and historical resonance that is apparent in so much of the propaganda art that was created.
    The intensity of the Vietnamese/ American war, its history, background, and the personnel accounts of the circumstances under which these artists strived to work, is a fascinating story that remains to be fully told.
    Many of the original art works in the collection have also remained unseen by the artist themselves for decades, inaccessible through force of circumstance and other factors, often from the very time that they were originally painted.
    The inaugural reunion was a moving and fascinating occasion that we are proud to have had the privilege to host.
    Amongst those present, was the esteemed octogenarian women artist, Kimh Vinh, pictured following as she discusses a work she painted in 1965, whilst viewing for the first time for 46 years. [read more...]