Artist and Archivist / Curator of the ‘Dogma Collection’

    Born in England, Richard grew up and attended schools in England, Wales, Vietnam and Italy. He studied graphic design, then fine arts in Perth, Sydney and Florence. Richard returned to Vietnam in 2004, where he was immediately at home. He now lives in Ho Chi Minh City with his wife and young child.

    As an artist, Richard is recognized for his specialization in abstract water colour on paper. He has held solo exhibitions and participated in group shows in New York, Paris, Rome and Spoleto. His works have been selected as posters to represent two international music festivals: Umbria Jazz; and El Paso Chamber pro musica.

    Richard’s particular interest in archiving was sparked by the experience of helping archive and catalog David Boyd’s art collection in Sydney, in the late 1970’s. Consultative work with a school specialising in paper and book conservation in Italy provided him with direct contact with some of the world’s leading paper conservators. Richard is not a trained conservator per se, but rather an artist with years of ‘hands on’ experience specifically related to the care and storage of art on paper.

    Richard has found archiving the ‘Dogma Collection’ an extraordinary and stimulating experience. The unique Vietnamese voice so evident in much of the art delineates the importance of the process of cataloging, and safely storing such a significant aspect of the history of the Country.