Front line soldier on the way to Khe Sanh ?Pham Thanh Tam December, 1967

So we come to appreciate that beyond the extraordinary circumstances that may stimulate an artist to create a masterpiece, these men and women also had to have great hearts, embracing mankind and risking their lives for love and the aspiration for peace.

Today's Vietnamese descendants can learn more about the history of the resistance to foreign invaders through the lively paintings and posters which the artists have created and drawn from the depths of their own experience.

Being an artist of today's generation, I have also been charmed by Vietnam's 4000 years of culture and have written theatrical works about prominent historic figures such as the patriot-sage Nguyen Binh Khiem; the first female newspaper editor, Suong Nguyet Anh; the poet, Ho Xuan Huong, and the heroic woman general of the famed, "Long Haired Army" Nguyen Thi Dinh. This has all led me to now, and the discovery of paintings which made the beholders' hair stand on end and have driven me to research and write about 'The search for the history of the propaganda artists of Vietnam'.