The Dogma Collection Conservation Project 2011/2012

The Dogma Collection announces a significant and unprecedented conservation and consolidation project of original Vietnamese war era propaganda posters.

This undertaking is made in close collaboration with COO.BE.C. Spoleto, one of the worlds leading art restoration laborites with a specialized facility devoted to the conservation of art on paper and related materials.

The project is undertaken in recognition of the of need to preserve historically unique and rare propaganda art works dating from the mid 1950’s through to the late 70’s.

Some seventy artworks in total are receiving various degrees of intervention ranging from moderate to essential and critical.

We believe it is important to invest in the long-term stability of these posters that are works of art in their own right as well as unique documents that shed light on a significant iflittle studied aspect of the ‘Vietnam War’

One of our primary aims is to elevate International awareness of the quality and variety of posters created by numerous artists both professional and amateur during the decades of conflict.

The Dogma Collection and COO.BE.C. will be presenting future exhibitions of the collection that will increase awareness of the value and importance of projects of this nature, and also provided the opportunity to see and more greatly appreciate and understand the nature and highly skilled work of conservators.