The Dogma Collection at the National Gallery, Prague.

Opening night at the National Gallery, Prague

An exhibition featuring select artist original poster works from The Dogma Collection opened at the National Gallery, Prague on December 13, 2010 and runs through January 30,2011.
The event “Vietnamese Propaganda Art’ is staged at the initiative of the Eleutheria Foundation, an organization established by Augusto and Ottaviano Razetto.
The exhibition presents some 160 works from the Eleutheria Foundation shown together with a curator’s selection of ‘artist originals’ from The Dogma Collection.
The exhibition includes a continuous audio visual presentation of interviews with propaganda artists produced by The Dogma Collection as part of our archival research.
The Eleutheria foundation has published a comprehensive catalogue in conjunction with the event featuring a forward by the popular Italian art critic, Victorio Scarbi.

Photographs from the opening:

Victorio Scarbi at the press conference

Mounting the exhibition

Un wrapping and inspecting works from the Dogma Collection with Augusto Razetto

Last minute corrections with yours truly, the Curator of the Dogma Collection the night Before the opening

The works have been attractively displayed on white scaffolding intended to be reflective of the character of bamboo which was widely utilized during the war years to display works, especially in the often spontaneous exhibitions mounted in rural and county areas.

From the Dogma Collection at the National Gallery Prague

From the Dogma Collection at the National Gallery Prague

A luminous space

Mounting works for the show

Ottaviano and Augusto Razetto during the mounting of the show