Le Huy Toan

Colonel Artist Le Huy Toan was born on 10 October 1930 in Vinh Yen Ward, Ving Phuc, Hanoi. Due to his deep love for the country, Le Huy Toan participated in the Revolutionary movement to promote Vietnamese independence. He became a Party Secretary of Vietnamese Army ? People?s Art Division. He died on 22 September 2007.

It can be said that Le Huy Toan inherited his artistic talents from his father. He took part in a range of artistic and creative pursuits including singing, dancing, playing music, drama and painting propaganda pictures. He painted even when in situations of extreme poverty and danger.

Le Huy Toan left the Vietnam Army History Museum, many excellent paintings such as: ?Lich Su Dien Bien Phu? (?Dien Bien Phu History?), ?Dai Doan Ket Dan Toc? ('The Total Vietnamese Nation?). Especially famous paintings of his are ?Vietnam Anh Hung Ca? (?Vietnamese Epic?) and ?Chien Dich Ho Chi Minh? ('Ho Chi Minh Campaign?).

Posters by Le Huy Toan: