Nguyen Tuong Lan

Nguyen Tuong Lan has born in 1906 and died in 1947 in Hanoi. He was one of the earliest painters in the ?Art Association of Vietnam?. Like many of his fellow artists who followed him, Nguyen Tuong Lan attended the Ecole Superior de Beaux ArtsI de I'Indochine ( Fine arts school of Hanoi) during the years, 1928-1933. Though his artistic life was relatively short, Nguyen Tuong Lan did leave a number of inspiring paintings that were completed during the time of the fight against the French colonialists.

One of Nguyen Tuong Lan?s most famous works is a silk modern art painting entitled ?Chua Mot Mai? (?One Roof Pagoda?). Some of his propaganda works include: ?Quan Dan Viet Nam? ('Soldiers and People of Vietnam?); ?Vi Doc Lap Dan Toc? ('For the Nation?s Independence?); and ?Bao Ve To Quoc? (?Protect the Country?).

Poster by Nguyen Tuong Lan: