Pham Viet Hong Lam

Pham Viet Hong Lam was born in 1946 in Thanh Hoa. He is a successful painter on silk material and graduated from the ?Vietnamese Art College? in the mid Seventies. He then became a teacher of both music and art at the same College between 1977 ? 1993.

Pham Viet Hong Lam?s most successful painting is ?Cuoc Song Thanh Binh? (?Peaceful Life?). The desire for peace was his dream during the long struggle against the Americans and the Southern Regime. He wanted to send his message of peace to all mankind. Some of his other propaganda works displayed in the ?Dogma Collection? include: ?Xay Dung Dat Nuoc Dang Hoang Hon? ('Build Up the Country?); the remarkable ?May Bay My Da Roi? (?American Planes Were Shot Down?); ?Quyet Chien, Quyet Thang? (?To Fight and to Gain Victory?); and ?Sai Gon Tung Bung Co Hoa? (?Sai Gon Merrily Amimated with Flags and Flowers').

Posters by Pham Viet Hong Lam: