Van Duong Thanh

Van Duong Thanh is one of the few female artists in the ?Dogma Collection?. When only four years old she accompanied her father to Hanoi. When he was busy, she was cared for by a close friend of her father's, a painter, whose paintings soon made a deep impression on her.

Van Duong Thanh spent hard years learning how to paint amid a lack of basic materials such as water paints, drawing paper etc. But perseverance enabled her to become a successful painter specialising in painting children and women?s portraits. The portrait ?Be Son? (?Son Baby?) in oils is presently exhibited in the Hanoi Art Museum.

As a part of her propaganda painting effort held in the ?Dogma Collection?, Van Duong Thanh painted? ?Bac Nam' (?North ? South?).

Poster by Van Duong Thanh: