Dang Quy Khoa

Dang Quy Khoa was born in 1936 in Hanoi and was a successful painter on silk. He was one of 12 early students of the Hanoi University of Art and after his graduation, he was posted there as a long term teacher. At the present time, he serves as Vice Dean.

Historic heroes like Nguyen Trai, Nguyen Hue, and especially Nguyen Ai Quoc, alias Ho Chi Minh ? Uncle Ho, always served as his main inspiration.

Dang Quy Khoa liked to recall the great honour he felt in being able to attend the meeting on 3 September 1960 in the Bach Thao ? Hanoi Garden. He remembers that Uncle Ho stood on the stage, holding a baton and conducted the orchestra for ?Bai Ca Doan Ket? (?Gather Into a Community?). He says that the whole audience not only stood up, but clapped hands and sang along. A photo of this event by the photographer, Lam Hoang Long, later became the basis of a postal stamp entitled: ?Uncle Ho conducting the song "Bai Ca Doan Ket" ("Gathering Into a Community") by composer, Dang Quy Khoa'. This stamp was awarded a prize and was chosen to be published to mark what would have been Ho Chi Minh?s 88th birthday.

Dang Quy Khoa made a strong contribution of 10 stimulating propaganda paintings that truly reflect the fighting determination of the soldiers and people of Vietnam during two wars of Resistance against the French colonialists and the American supported Southern regime.

One of these paintings named ?Danh My (?Fighting the Americans?) is held by the ?Dogma Collection?.

Posters by Dang Quy Khoa: