Nguyen Khang

Nguyen Khang was born in 1911 in Hanoi. He graduated in painting at Ecole Superior de Beaux ArtsI de I'Indochine ( Fine arts school of Hanoi), which he attended from 1930 ? 1935.

Nguyen Khang was one of the first famous painters of modern art in Vietnam. A collection of his paintings was exhibited in many countries in the world, including France, Japan, and Germany. At present, two of Khang?s well-known paintings entitled ?Fishing Under the Moonlight? and 'Peace and Friendship?, are shown at the Vietnam Arts Museum, Hanoi.

One of Khang?s sketches about the Vietnam - American War, completed to commemorate two periods of intense fighting and hardship, was given an award by the Vietnamese Government in 2000. Unfortunately, Khang could not be present to receive the honour because he died much earlier in 1989. However, the name Nguyen Khang will be forever proudly remembered because of the invaluable contribution this artist made to the people of Vietnam during their struggle for liberation.

Posters by Nguyen Khang: