Nguyen Tien Canh

When the first phase of the general attack of ?Tet Mau Than? ('Tet Offensive?) started in 1968, the Central Political Propaganda and Ideological Education Department, together with the Culture and Vietnamese Art Ministry, launched a campaign of propaganda painting celebrating the great offensive. Hundreds of artists from everywhere heartily and eagerly bustled to take part in the effort. After only one week, the painting named ?Hoan Ho Hue Dai Thang? (?Bravo Great Victory in Hue?) by Nguyen Tien Canh, was chosen to be printed out in a large sized frame and copies were published throughout North Vietnam. Eventually this work became the basis of a postage stamp.

Some of Nguyen Tien Can?s works in the Dogma Collection include: ?Mien Nam Anh Hung? (?The South is Heroic?); ?Cac Con Ve Giai Phong Que' (?We Come to Free the Country?); ?Me Vietnam Anh Hung? ('Vietnamese Mother is a Heroine?); ?TIen Len Toan Thang At Ve Ta? (?Advance Complete Victory Will Be Ours?); and ?Giu Vung Mach Mau Giao Thong? (?Keep the Transportation Net Steady?).

Posters by Nguyen Tien Canh: