Huynh Van Gam

Huynh Van Gam was born in 1922 in Long An Province. He graduated in painting at the Ecole Superior de Beaux ArtsI de I'Indochine ( Fine arts school of Hanoi) from its fifteenth course held during the years 1941 ? 1946.

Huynh Van Gam is a talented and famous painter from the southern region of Vietnam. His nickname is Vo Van Tu. (As previously stated, during the period of the Vietnam - American War, people in action often used many nicknames to help them to deceive their enemies.)

Being a very patriotic painter, the artist joined the People?s Revolution in May 1945 and he was admitted to the Communist Party in June 1945. He served as a Provincial Vice Secretary in charge of provincial military organizations.

While working with the Vietnamese Arts Association, Huynh Van Gam portrayed a real feeling of what it was like to live on the home front. He created hundreds of propaganda paintings that strongly reflected popular sentiments during the two periods of the wars of resistance against both the French and the Americans backed Southern regime.

Two of his many propaganda works were made of pumice lacquer in 1970. These works are named ?Going Ahead To Victory? and ?Heart and Barrel of a Gun?. These paintings show a latent power, portraying the heroic style of the soldiers who fought face-to-face with their enemies.

Another work of this artist in the ?Dogma Collection? is named: ?Firm Hands with a Gun?.

Poster by Huynh Van Gam: