Nguyen Vinh

Nguyen Vinh was born into a poor labouring family in 1948 in Cat Ba Island off Hai Phong City, but he subsequently lived in Hanoi for many years. He died in 2008.

Lessons learned from fighting in battle in the role of a common soldier with a firm hold of a weapon to protect the nation, made Vinh?s paintbrush more perfect, profound and powerful. After five years on the battlefield he was transferred to the ?Hanoi University of Arts? to keep on studying painting, which he did until 1979.

Oanh won many honours awarded by the Vietnamese Association of Arts, the Ministry of National Defence, and other organizations. These awards were given to recognise a great painter who had reached the height of creativity with his paintings. Having personally experienced the sorrows of war, Oanh felt deeply about the miseries suffered by the ordinary Vietnamese women and children. As a result, most of his paintings were focused on these two subjects.

Poster by Nguyen Vinh - ATim: