Pham Ngoc Hai

Numerous painting in the ?Dogma Collection? were done by Pham Hoc Hai.

Pham Hoc Hai was born on 30 July 1942 in Hanoi. He was just ten years old when he started studying with his teacher, Luong Xuan Nhi, at the Tri Tri ? Hanoi Painting School. From 1963 ? 1976, he studied at the senior art class at My Thuat Vietnam (Vietnam Art School). From 1976 ? 2002, he worked and taught art at the Hanoi University of Art.

Pham Hoc Hai also worked with others who together were known as the ?Hoc Hai Team?. This Team comprised a group of art school students led by Pham Hoc Hai. They spent days and nights eagerly producing a great amount of propaganda art to support the cause of Vietnamese independence.

After Liberation Day, Pham Hoc Hai took part in an exhibition with the rest of the ?Hoc Hai Team?, including other well known artists such as Truong Hanh, Pham Sy, and Tieu Bach.

Posters by Pham Hoc Hai: