Welcome to the Dogma Collection

The Dogma Collection numbers well over a thousand art works and is the largest accredited collection of original Vietnamese propaganda art in the world. The posters provide an extensive and comprehensive window into a unique flourishing of propaganda art that was driven by a spirit of revolution, political ideology, and patriotic nationalism born of unique times and circumstances. Artists, art students and amateurs alike were inspired and encouraged to create a stunning variety of images, especially from the mid 1950’s until the end of the 1970’s. Alongside paintings, the collection includes an equally extensive body of rare mint stamps and original philatelic art dating from the birth of the modern Vietnamese nation. The Dogma collection also presents a biennial art prize in self-portraiture open to all Vietnamese nationals.

Fine art print editions on canvas of original Vietnamese propaganda art are available from our on line store and from the Dogma Collection gallery in Ho Chi Minh City. The prints are produced in numbered, open editions. These high quality reproductions include a certificate of authentication and translation of the Vietnamese text. The art works selected were originally created during the ‘Vietnam war’ fought with the US from the earliest years of the 1960’s to mid 1970’s